The art of good website design is subjective and opinions can vary widely when deciding upon a well-designed website. Here at Webspoon UK, our team comprises of highly artistic and experienced individuals with meticulous attention to detail.

Website design and creation from Webspoon UK

Our aim is to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction. Not only can we deliver this with your new website, but also with our friendly and helpful, step-by-step guidance. This coupled with our experienced workforce, we can deliver this satisfaction each and every time and ensure that you get the solution that you desire.

Whether you are looking for a simple static website or an all-singing-all-dancing, animated, ecommerce website, we have the expertise to deliver and exceed your expectations.

Making the most of the Internet

All new website designs come with everything you need, including:

  • FREE domain name of your choice (.com,, .net, ...)
  • FREE 1 years' web hosting
  • FREE logo creation and branding
  • FREE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • FREE Google Analytics Statistics
  • FREE 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited website design revisions

Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation

SEO can best be described by a group of techniques that help to push your website's search engine ranking as high as possible making your webpages appear in the search results list when a search term is submitted. Some of the techniques used to do this include: -

  • adding relevant meta tag keywords relating to your industry to each page
  • having perfectly formed HTML with no page errors
  • outbound to inbound link ratios
  • keyword to total word count ratios
  • automated content rejuvenation (i.e. RSS feeds)

If your website is failing to appear on a list of search engine results, it is usually because either the website has not yet been crawled (spidered) or that your market is a highly competitive one and there are too many long-standing, highly optimised websites on the Internet that are pushing your website down the list.

Indexing of your web pages only happens over time and the time it takes to complete this process is completely dependent on each search engine's indexing software. Some search engines can take between 1 to 12 months to fully index your site and give it ranking. It is this ranking that determines your websites position within the search results and each search engine has there own ranking algorithm.

For more information about website design and SEO by Webspoon UK, please contact us on 0161 292 8113 or fill out our quick contact form providing details of the system that you are looking for.

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