Webspoon UK aims to provide all its customers with the highest possible standard of service and will endeavour to respond to any enquiry or complaint with efficiency, courtesy and fairness.

A complaint is defined as any contact made by a customer or potential customer with Webspoon UK, the purpose of which is to express dissatisfaction.

How to register a complaint

You can register a complaint in person, by telephone or in writing. Complaints, which are made anonymously, will be considered carefully and action taken where it is deemed appropriate.

  1. In Person

    If a customer visits Webspoon UK and registers an enquiry or complaint in person, a member of our customer services team will initially log the complaint by taking details i.e. name, address, telephone no. and the nature of the enquiry or complaint. In our experience, most cases are resolved at first contact. However, should further specialist knowledge be required, Webspoon UK will endeavour to provide an appropriate member of staff who is qualified to answer the enquiry or complaint at the time of the customer's first visit.

  2. By Telephone

    All telephone calls will be answered promptly. The employee will give their names when answering telephone calls and provide you with a complaint reference number, in order to provide the customer with a helpful point of reference.

  3. In Writing

    If Webspoon UK receives an enquiry or complaint by letter, email for fax, requesting an immediate response, a written acknowledgement will be sent to the customer on the day of receipt. The enquiry or complaint will then be dealt with using the same urgency as the other forms of registration.

Our method of dealing with an enquiry or complaint

Enquiries or complaints are handled by our Customer Service Department and will be rectified as soon as possible. If Webspoon UK is not responsible for the cause of the complaint, we will endeavour to explain why not and suggest whom the customer should contact for appropriate assistance.

If a complaint made by telephone requires a site visit or other investigation, Webspoon UK will aim to provide a full written response within 10 working days.

Further Information

If you are not satisfied with the way the complaint has been handled in the first instance, please register your dissatisfaction with the Customer Service Manager.

Staff Policy

The staff at Webspoon UK will deal with your complaint or enquiry in a polite and curious manner at all times.